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Forms, Deadlines, & Resources

Required Forms (Retain for 3 Years)

Important Deadlines 

  • January 31st
    • Form 1099-Misc (Independent Contractor Earnings)
    • Form W-2 (Employee Earnings)
  • March 15th
    • Form 990 (Nonprofit)
    • Form 1065 (Partnership)
    • Form 1120S (S-Corporation)
  • April 15th
    • Form 1040 (Individual Income Taxes)
    • Form 1041 (Trust & Estate)
    • FinCEN Form 114 (Foreign Bank Account Reporting)
    • Form 1120C (C Corporation)
  • 2018 Personal Quarterly Estimates
    • April 15th
    • June 15th
    • September 15th
    • January 15th, 2019

Required Workplace Posters

Other Resources

Employer Best Practices

> All employees must have a form W-4 on file.
> Employers are required to have forms I-9 on hand for each of their employees. 
    -- Penalties for missing I-9 forms range up to $1,100 per employee. 
    -- Fines for employing undocumented workers reach up to $11,000 per employee. 
> In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, all employers need to provide a Notice of Coverage Options to all new hires, regardless of whether or not the employer offers health care. 
    -- Businesses with over 50 employees are required by law to offer health coverage to their employees.
    -- Fines for noncompliance range up to $2000 per employee (not counting the first 30 employees). 
> LMR highly recommends that businesses provide job descriptions and employee handbooks to their employees to ensure that workplace expectations and policies are clear and well known. 
   -- Job descriptions should outline responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications related to specific positions.
    -- Employee handbooks can outline company values, chain of command, compensation and time-off policies, benefits, and employee conduct expectations.