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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

With Americans living longer than ever before, the need for sound financial planning to ensure that an individual is prepared to live comfortably well beyond retirement age is more important than ever. An individual who turns 65 today can be expected to survive for an additional 20 years. When you compare that number with the previous generation, it averages to about 5 more years of living – and paying. At LMR & Associates we recognize that clients want to maintain or improve their quality of life during retirement. Our team is dedicated to helping individuals plan and execute strategies designed to ensure stability and a sense of financial freedom as they extend deeper into their retirement years.


However, longer life spans have created a number of new issues that need to be taken into consideration when planning for retirement.

Lifetime Income Need

Life after retirement requires a sustained income stream that has no defined end point. An individual’s employment may end, but their expenses do not. With approximately 20 years of life post-retirement, retirees need to ensure that they will be able to maintain their cost-of-living.

Health Care Needs

As individuals live longer, the cost of health care is becoming a larger part of retiree expenses as they take advantage of advances in medicine and patient care. While the government does provide Medicare, often times it does not provide the coverage necessary in cases of chronic illness. Our team has significant experience in anticipating medical expenses as a client ages, and can help you understand and plan for long-term care in the event of a serious illness.

Paying for Retirement

Increasingly, retirees recognize that Social Security alone will not provide a comfortable lifestyle after retirement. Our professionals can work with you to assess your future needs and help create and manage additional income streams. With proper planning, retirees can leverage assets such as employer-sponsored qualified retirement plans and personal savings or investments to provide the primary sources of income through their retirement years, and allow Social Security to serve as a safety net for guaranteed income.


Retirement should not be a scary financial concept. Let our tax planning professionals at LMR & Associates help you understand your tax implications with your retirement and investment planning, while our financial advising team, LMR Advisors, work with you to develop comprehensive investment and retirement planning that provides you with the security you need to enjoy life after work.